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We buy and sell berries in Loos


Picking berries in Loos

Every summer, Swedish forests and meadows are filled with delicious berries. Many come to berry-pick in Loos and to enjoy our beautiful nature. We at Lotta-Boden purchase and sell berries of different kinds every summer. We can receive a maximum volume of 15 ton a day. We are open every day of the week, between 5 pm and 7.30 pm, we stay open longer if necessary. You will find the location of purchase at the old industrial site in Norrbyn, in Loos. The place is marked with the sign "Bär Köpes".

Kinds of berries

We buy and sell the berries below






Black currant














Wild Strawberries

Image by Paul  Shore






Good to know when picking berries in Sweden

valuable Tips

We want to give you some valuable tips to ensure that the berries come to us in as good condition as possible. Make sure to pick the berries in clean containers that do not smell or have previously been used to hold chemical products such as gasoline, diesel etc. Please, do not use plastic bags as it causes the berries to ferment and become alcoholic.


Make sure to wipe the wet berries and keep them dry, then they will stay nice longer. When we receive the berries, they can contain a maximum of 1-2% debris, so clean the berries from twigs and leaves as good as you can. It is very important that the berries do not contain stones as it can destroy the cleaning/sorting machines.


You will have the opportunity to buy some equipment from us, such as plastic boxes and carrier picker/machine. These can be returned to us when the season is over, and depending on the condition, you get back the full sum or a certain percentage. Remember to bring boots as it is often wet in our Swedish forests. To make it easier for you, we have maps of areas where there should be plenty of berries, ask us and you will get such a map.

rule of conduct

In Sweden we have a law called the "Allemansrätten", which means that we all have access to nature, but that includes both rights and obligations. You must take responsibility for nature and wildlife and show consideration for landowners and other visitors. Take the garbage to us instead of throwing it in the woods, in parks or at campsites, as this violates the law. You are not allowed to camp at lakes and beaches. We do not buy berries from people who violate the law eg. thefts, driving influenced by beer or alcohol. Download this PDF with useful information in several languages.


You will find plenty of accommodation options in Loos. There are cheap cottages for rent at Gammeltomtens Camping, there you can also pitch a tent or park your caravan. There are also many private cottages around the village that can be rented, contact the owner privately. For those who would rather rent a room with the possibility of breakfast, there is both Lundbergs Bed & Breakfast and Wärdshuset Lokatten. There are also accommodation options at Hamra Vildmarkscenter or Hamra Stugby which is about 15 minutes outside Loos.

Welcome to Loos

Loos is a small village located far into the deeper forests of northern Hälsingland, in the municipality of Ljusdal, in Sweden. The village is surrounded by a beautiful forest landscape which mostly consists of coniferous forests, hilly terrain, blue mountains, lakes and many small ponds. You can get here both by car and bus. Apart from the fact that our forests are full of berries, there are also good chances to see wildlife such as bears and moose, maybe even a lynx if you're lucky. We hope you will enjoy your stay, welcome to Loos!

Contact us

Do you have questions about berries, prices or would you like to place an order? Call, email or use the contact form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you for your message!


Phone: +46 (0) 657 105 09

Mobile 1: +46 (0) 70 561 95 95

Mobile 2: +46 (0) 70 271 52 53


Business hours: 11 am – 4 pm

Other times you can reach us on the phone.

Address: Gärdesvägen 3, 827 70, Los, Sweden

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